The Poodle From Hell, appears at the very end of Series 5, episode, Doggy Day Afternoon. It is described as another of Jack's arch nemesis, the other being, The cat from hell.

History Edit

The Poodle From Hell made its first debut on Doggy Day Afternoon, at the end of the episode, and is the second out of the first, of Jack's enemy, the first being, The cat from hell. The Poodle was actually first mentioned in Jack in the House as Jack stated, the pet and the cat had a 'harsh' kind-of history.

The dirty, evil poodle makes its first appearance in Doggy Day Afternoon, when it enters through the cat-flap and finds its way to Dani's den, when Zarina's new polished poodle is on a stool. The Poodle From Hell, attacks the poodle, as it it jealous, and soon the poodle runs to find Zarina, its owner. The Poodle From Hell, then goes to the kitchen and meets The cat from hell, for the ninth time and kills the cat to shreds. Jack, then comes around and sees the cat dead, jumping in joy, and soon hears growling. He turns, to then see his worst enemy yet- The Poodle From Hell. He runs away in fear, and the Poodle trashes the kitchen to shreds, trying to find food, and manages to wee in Dani's fridge. The Poodle, then rushes through the cat-flap, back to the bins. Dani, Maisy and Ruby arrive at the messy kitchen, and are sick and horrified to find wee in the fridge. Dani screams Jack's name, Jack comes back, and swears he didn't do it. He, afterwards, tells them, it was The Poodle from Hell, and explains how it killed the Cat From Hell. Ruby and Maisy ask in unison, 'Who's the Cat From Hell?' Dani, notices the fur of the cat and responds, with 'look on your shoes'. They do and say, 'Ew!' again in unison, and follow Jack and Dani out of the kitchen. The Poodle returns, with glowing red eyes and follow them. They hear growling and run away, with the poodle chasing after them. Ben and Zarina hear them shouting and run quickly.

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