'The Pet Duo' is the third episode of the sixth series of Dani's House and is the 68th episode overall. This episode will air in June 2017, on CBBC.

Plot Edit

Megaboyd returns from Australia-And he and Maisy get back to business, by opening a pet-sitting service! Which means, they have to look after people's pet's for 25 Hours! Dani thinks it's a great idea! She had to look after the evil Cat From Hell for two-weeks since her parents had taken Max to the USA! But when the duo look after the Cat from Hell, it escapes and causes mayhem and rampages around the house! They must find the cat before Dani come's home! Jack, however, doesn't want to help! He had a bad history with the Cat! Ruby doesn't want to help either- She hates Cats! She's had a.... bad romance with them! What will the gang do??? HELP!!