That Sinking Feeling was the fourth episode of the third season of Dani's Castle.

Synopsis Edit

A ghost from the Titanic arrives at the castle, and is told what happened to the ship. Elsewhere, Rich tries to do something romantic for Kait.

Trivia Edit

  • In the scene where Gabe, Leonie and Dylan are watching Titanic and the boys are crying, Gabe claims to have hayfever as an excuse for crying. This excuse has also popped up in CBBC programme The Story of Tracy Beaker, which also had Dani Harmer in a lead role.

Errors Edit

  • When the lady from the Titanic arrives and departs from the castle, she teleports in a puff of smoke, rather than walk through the portal like Gabe and Esme did in previous episodes.
  • Esme goes uncredited.

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