The second series of Dani's House was announced by BBC in January 2009, to air in November 2009. Series 2 was filmed from 1 August 2009 and concluded on 16 September 2009. Series 2 officially premiered on CBBC on Monday 30 November 2009 and ran until 19 March 2010, and consisted 13 episodes, preceded by a Christmas Special and a 2010 Sport Relief Special.

The second series featured brand new main character, Jack who was first introduced in episode, Jack in the House.

Episodes Edit

Cast (Main) Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Dani Harmer as Coordinator Zarg
  • Harry Culverhouse as Coordinator Zang

Guest Stars Edit

  • Eoghan Quigg as famous Pop Star - (Hit the Jackpot)
  • Brian Cox as himself- (Use Your Noodle)
  • Same Difference - (Hit the Jackpot)

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