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portrayed by

Richard Wisker

Rich is a character from CBBC's television series, who is portrayed by Richard Wisker.

Rich arrives to the castle in the final episode of series 1 and meets and falls in love with Kate. Rich comes up with big crazy ideas for the castle that Jimmy normally agree's with. They can't find a flaw in their 'perfect' plans until they try them and it all goes wrong. Rich set up the Radio station in the castle called Bogmoor FM which was a hit. Rich and Kate are attracted to each other and at the end of series 2 the two admit that they are in love. 

Rich feels that he has to take care of the castle and when his little brother Dylan comes to stay for good it's just another responsibility for him. He takes care of everyone in the castle and tries to get along with everyone. Rich doesn't really know Dani because he only just turns up before Dani leaves for Hollywood but he talks to her on their Ipad along with the others.

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