'Maisy VS Maisy' is the second episode of the sixth series of Dani's House and is the 67th episode overall. It will air on CBBC in June 2017.

Plot Edit

The Aliens return- And they bring down, Dani's House with a total, BANG!

When Maisy arranges a prank-war with Max, she wins a total of eight rounds, leaving Max to a breaking point- Maisy is so good at doing pranks- How can he beat her? Things look even worse for Max when he loses his touch, and doesn't know who he really is! Looks like Maisy's the winner! With Max out, she can finally reclaim herself as Prank Queen- But, not if the Aliens have anything to say about it! The two are unhappy that Max has lost his title by Maisy, and decide to make a clone of herself, so the girl knows how it fells like to be beaten- by herself! All things are thrown in play when the clone arrives- But keeps on causing mayhem! Will Maisy meet her match, and will Max reclaim his title? Meanwhile Dani, Ruby and Jack enter a singing competition- with the prize being £100,00,00,00! Dani wants to rehearse her singing in the new room ,'The Chillax Room', which her parents have had installed- With a wide screen HD depth TV, A large DJ Desk, Sporting equipment and a water bed! Good room, right? Wrong? Dani, Ruby and Jack all squabble about who gets to use the room, more, and it all just goes wrong! And Bad! Can the Aliens help them out? Or Not?