'Dani Day'A Fine BromanceAbracadisco
Achy Breaky HeartAlexAlien Examination
Alien InvasionAmnesiaAnywherevillie
Aunt MajorieB SystemBack to Bogmoor
BenBen's GirlBest Friends
Big SnoozeBogmoor RocksBollywood
Book SquirmBreak a LegBuddy Movie
Bunny TalesCBBCCat, Mouse and Baby
CatastropheCelebrityChat Show
City BoyCoordinator Zang and ZarkCrush and Burn
DaniDani's CastleDani's Day Off
Dani's HouseDani's House WikiDani Harmer
Dani in Dani's CastleDark and Stormy NightDarragh Mortell
Doggy Day AfternoonDouble TroubleDriving Miss Dani
FreewheelinGabeGhost Mutterer
Ghost SwappersGhost TourGhosts
Goodbye JackGrandad and the Emo of DoomHair Today,Gone Tomorrow
Hit the JackpotHouse for SaleIm a fan of danis house
InfoboxIt's Not Easy Being GreenJack
Jack's RivalJack in the HouseJames Gandhi
JimmyKaitKiller Party
Klariza ClaytonLady and the VampLeo
List of Dani's Castle episodesList of Dani's House episodesLove as first Sight
LuckMaisyMaisy VS Maisy'
Marathon ManMaxMaxworld
MegaboydMillie InnesOne Small Step For Sam
Only ChildPen PalPirates
Portal:Dani's CastlePortal:Dani's HouseQueen of Pranks
RichRich and KateRuby
SamSam's Back!Save our Station
Sayonara SamScrooge TubeSebastian Applewhite
Secret MillionaireSeries 2 (2009)Sister Act
SleepoverSnakesSnowed In
SpongeBob SquarePantsThat Sinking FeelingThe Axolotol Factor
The BabysittersThe Big GrappleThe Birthday Trap
The CastleThe Cook OffThe Dead Headz (episode)
The GhostelThe Missing Present MysteryThe Natural
The Pet DuoThe Poodle From HellThe baby from hell
The cat from hellThey Came From Outer Space...AgainToby
Toby No-MatesTruth or ScareTwo Week Wobblies
Use Your NoodleValentineWe Should Be Heroes
Wedding DressWeird WednesdayWho Do You Think You Aren't?
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