Series 05, Episode 09
Show Dani's House
Air Date 21 June 2012
Previous Doggy Day Afternoon
Next Ben's Girl

Freewheelin is the ninth episode of Dani's House's fifth series which was first broadcast on 21 June 2012.

Summary Edit

Dani researches her new wheelchair storyline by pretending to Jack and Ruby that she really does need a wheelchair. Can she carry it off? And how will her friends treat her?Fern helps her the way through but Jack and Ruby find out what Dani has been up to because of a quiz about Dani herself. When she won she got so happy she accidentally gets out of her wheelchair celebrates and insults her opponent which Ruby eavesdropped.

Meanwhile Maisy and Megaboyd try to turn Max's bedroom into a Max museum. But what will Max's super fans think?

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