Plot Edit

Jimmy decides to read an old book to the gang. To the groups' surprise, everything that Jimmy reads, happens when read. When Jimmy reads, "The lights went out." the castle blacked out. The group drew straws and whoever had the shortest straw would go to the fuse box and re light the castle. Dani ends up with the shortest straw, and Gabe, whom she had an argument with earlier over un -civilised manner, steps in and volunteers to go with Dani arguing that in his day it was normal for gentlemen to help ladies in need.

Jimmy continues to read the story, "There was a knock on the door." And there was a loud knock at the front door. Jimmy goes to answer out but Kate is against the idea because she thought that it was creepy that what happened in the story happened in real life. But when the two (Jimmy and Kate) got to the front door, there was already a man standing inside the atrium. He claimed that the castle would become his at midnight. Jimmy was shocked that on the will, there were all these fancy, old words such as; hereby and henceforth.

Back in ______________(wherever the place was), Dani and Gabe were arguing about the earlier debate. Dani notices the rats on the floor and panics. Dani tries to twist the doorknob to get out but it brakes. Gabe goes back to find the others for help.

Jimmy and Kate find out that the man is actually another ghost when he walks through a wall when he is shocked when Gabe appears. Kate finds a newspaper article that shows that the man died in 19--. Jimmy and Kate need to convince the man that he is a ghost before midnight or it will happen again next year. Jimmy realises that the book is a diary and reads it to find out what to do.

When they finally convince the man that he is a ghost, a bright light shines at the top of a staircase and the man walks up the stairs to "ghost land".

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