City Boy
Series 01, Episode 02
Show Dani's Castle
Air Date 24 January 2013
Previous The Castle
Next Ghost Tour

City Boy is the second episode of the first series of CBBC's television series, Dani's Castle. The episode was first broadcast on 24 January 2013 on the CBBC Channel.

Summary Edit

An escaped pig causes havoc in the castle. Jimmy decides to rescue the little pig from being the main course at the Annual Bogmoor Ball. Jimmy soon realises that living in the countryside is way different then living in the city. Meanwhile, Dani gets some dancing lessons for the Annual Bogmoor Ball.

Trivia Edit

  • Events from 'The Castle' are mentioned
  • 'The Cat From Hell' from Dani's House is last seen and mentioned.
  • This episode was planned to be a crossover episode between Dani's House and Dani's Castle.
  • This episode was released on BBC iPlayer on 26 January 2013.
  • The Aliens from Dani's House are mentioned/

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