Alien Examination
Series 05, Episode 12
Show Dani's House
Air Date 12 July 2012
Previous The Missing Present Mystery
Next The Birthday Trap

Alien Examination is the twelfth episode of Dani's House's fifth series which was first broadcast on 12 July 2012.

Summary Edit

Co-ordinator Zang and Zark need to sum up a explanation about humans. Or else they will be moved to another planet where there is no Dani's House! The aliens review some highs and lows of Dani's House so they can learn about humans for their test.

Instead, they decided to get Jack for help to sum up an human explanation so Zang and Zark will stay. When Jack gets back to earth, Zark makes him think he's went to the south of France with Rihanna, he's won the best DJ in history award and accidentally won the Monaco Grand Prix.

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