Dani Day is the first episode of the sixth series of Dani's House and is the 70th episode overall. It will premiere on CBBC, on 1 June 2017.

Dani Day
Series 6, Episode 1
Show Dani's House
Air Date 1 June 2017
Previous Christmas Special
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Plot Edit

Dani is back! Back with her three best pals, Jack, Sam and Ruby! Her annoying brother Max is here as well! Life continues!

When Dani wants to have a peaceful break from the noise around the house, she takes a break in the new installed room, 'The Relax Room'- But, as usual, it doesn't last! Jack and Ruby at are each other's throats, arguing about what's better, Junk Food or Fruits, Maisy is making a new room for herself, with the help from grime artist, Max- But it's just too much noise and soon the House almost crumbles to pieces- And the problems all have to land and invade on Dani! She just came back from inheriting a castle from a long lost aunt, then having to share it with two cousins she didn't even know about! Not to mention, the two ghosts! To make matters worse, the Baby From Hell returns from Nursery and is staying full time, and the evil Cat from Hell returns, and is now the new family pet! The Cat trashes the house, attacks both Jack and Max, and also has a face-off with the rotten, Baby From Hell- Jack is happy about the competition and puts them through a tough series of contests! At this point, the house is more crazy than ever! Why did Dani ever come back? Will she get her break, she deserved?

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was filmed on 3 August 2016
  • Dani Harmer, Steff White, Darragh Mortell, Millie Innes and Sebastian Applewhite will all return, expect for Ben, (James Gandhi)
  • A new room 'The Relax Room' (The Chillax Room)' is announced.
  • Co-coordinator Zang and Co-coordinator Zarg will return from episode 2.
  • It has been noted that Ben has moved to India with his family.
  • A sneak peek of this episode was released on ABC Me iView on 9 January 2017.

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